Category: Event Marketing

What Meeting and Event Planners Can Learn from the Grateful Dead

I was fortunate to head to the Allstate Arena in Chicago last year to witness something I would never see again, a show by my favorite band of all time, the Dead (they used to be Grateful, but sadly Jerry Garcia left us a few years back). As I was walking through the parking lot […]

Reinventing The Give-Away

Here is a thought from my “green meeting file”. Should you be making the leap and holding a green meeting, don’t overlook a major part of what currently makes meetings very un-green. You know what I am talking about. They are usually little, have logos on them and in a tradeshow setting, cause grown men to climb across chairs while knocking over little old ladies […]

To Conference Planners – It’s More Than Just a Light

I was driving by a hotel just outside Chicago the other night and something caught my eye. Unfortunately, it was not a good thing. Now, before I begin, three things should have caught my eye. All of them good. •One– A decent hotel brand that I did not know was  there….A nice discovery because I thought I […]

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