Category: Event Marketing

CVB Twitter Failures

So, I dumped 50% of the CVBs I follow (also many others as well, but that is for another time). I am not done either, I just got tired and needed to stop the madness and recharge the batteries. My unfollowing was not carpet bombing, it was a surgical strike. A tactical move to ensure […]

Direct Mail is Dead, but Starbucks Loves You

On thing that never seems to amaze me is the amount of direct mail that I receive from hotels, destinations and industry events. They come in all shapes and sizes, tri-folds, 10-page brochures, postcards and everything in between. Printing mailers does not work anymore and you end up wasting vast amounts of money, resources and […]

Help your Industry Publications and Associations by Helping Yourself

The internet is my favorite thing (OK, one of my favorite things) and it dawned on me that I am my own worst nightmare. I do not practice what I preach. In this day and age of free information, we have forgotten that “free” is a relative term. While it is free to call up […]

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