Category: Event Marketing

Why Your Conference Needs a Social Media Calendar and How to Create One

Most EventProfs know what an editorial calendar is but how about a social media calendar. For conferences, events, and associations, scheduling social posts can be the perfect way to ensure that you are getting things right and not missing out on opportunities. Social media may seem like it is all random and fun but there is […]

4 Tips to Increase Conference Registration Conversion Rates

Nearly 90% of marketers today place an increased emphasis on conversion rate optimization (CRO) – and for good reason. In the meetings, travel and hospitality industry, CRO is the key to more registrations — and more importantly, more customer relationships made. Some CRO tips are universal. But there are other strategies and tactics that can […]

The 2015 Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

Video marketing matters for conferences and events. Those who do not understand this are either ill-informed, delusional, or recently hit in the head with something heavy and we need to get them some medical assistance asap… Put down the mouse and call 911 before they start thinking that attendee registrations were better when they came via […]

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