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Baltimore – Open for Business
Cancelled and Rescheduled Events In Baltimore
Unrest and Visit Baltimore
Not Your Grandma’s Cruise Ship: Technology and Connectivity at Sea
An Industry Colleague Needs our Help

Baltimore – Open for Business

Aerial view of Baltimore Harbor on a sunny day would be perfect for a conference or event

So. A good industry friend of Team PlannerWire just finished wrapping up her association’s conference in Baltimore and everything went Spectacular (yes, that is a capital S), you can read about it in Associations Now here and here. The organizers were happy and the attendees were happy and that my friends is what any event or conference stakeholder should want. And all of this good stuff as Baltimore went through a rough patch… This shows that cities, and their people, are more than what we see in the media. Read More

Cancelled and Rescheduled Events In Baltimore

Baltimore at night

I am leading with an awesome picture of Baltimore because that is the Baltimore that I know and the one that I recommend to my clients. Not all is good in one of my favorite cities though.

Two Conferences Cancelled and One Rescheduled in Baltimore 

You knew Force Majeure  was waiting in the wings and it looks like Baltimore is taking a hit from the latest pandemonium in the United States with both the The Door and Hardware Institute (DHI) and American Heart Association cancelling events in the city and the The Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA) Conference being rescheduled.  Read More

Unrest and Visit Baltimore


My heart goes out to the people of Baltimore. What is happening is tragic. This is one of America’s great cities.

Having spent a good chunk of last summer in Baltimore, I got to know the sites, the sounds, and some of the residents. I have friends there, both personal and professional and it is a city that I love and recommend to clients whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I will be bringing programs to Baltimore in the future, of this I have no doubt. 

I am not here to talk about the issues that caused what is going on. The problems in this country are deeper than one silly blog post could ever cover. What I want to do is stay specific to the industry and give a tip of the hat to the people of Visit Baltimore. I went to their website last night just to see, just to look, and was glad that they took the route of not glossing over what is going on. They said it plain and clear, with no marketing speak. Basically, they said “You need to think twice before coming right now, check with the police”…

While this may be the safe answer, it is also what needed to be said.

Thanks Visit Baltimore for getting your response right and not shoving sugar down our throats. I truly hope that you have a better day today than you had yesterday and know that this corner of the industry is wishing you well.

Not Your Grandma’s Cruise Ship: Technology and Connectivity at Sea

Conference Planning Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Conferences….. Who would have thought we would see this post but here we are… and go figure, I have a client setting sail early in 2014 for a conference at sea with about 250 attendees and I am hearing that more and more of my colleagues are looking at cruise ships for events ranging from conferences to incentives.

One of the biggest concerns with cruise ship events has been the technology. From WiFi to signage and everything in between this guest post by Maureen McKeon helps you navigate what can be strange waters for many meeting and event planners. Read More

An Industry Colleague Needs our Help

Vance Carter

A few years ago, I had the chance to work with Encore Creative on a couple of events that we had going at the Fairmont Scottsdale and at a couple of other venues. They are a hardworking, creative bunch with mad skills and great attitudes.

Yesterday, I was made aware of the tragic, heart-wrenching story of one of their own. I will let them tell the story because who am I except for another industry dude that Vance probably may have met one time while he was working an event. Read More

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