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UPDATE – Alas, BusyEvent is no more. Purchased by a bigger fish in the sea.

I don’t normally publish press releases because, well, let’s be honest… they are press releases and press releases generally suck.

This one is different cause I know Brian Slawin at BusyEvent as a customer, an online buddy (Facebook and Twitter), and as someone who thinks that they are doing cool stuff for the event community in the mobile app space. I know him well enough to figure that he is probably ready pull his hair out because I have missed so many of our scheduled calls. 🙂

It is great to see them grow in this ultracompetitive market and remain cool folks. I hope they keep getting better at what they do!

Company Adds New Technical & Services Talent to Enhance Expanding Mobile Event Platform

ST LOUIS, Missouri and ASAE SPRINGTIME EXPO 2015, Washington DC – April 9, 2015 – BusyEvent Mobile today announced the recent growth of their organization with the formation of an AppPro Team designed to assist mobile app clients throughout the event lifecycle, including on site live at meetings. The company has also increased their development and engineering staff with new hires focused on rapid development and testing of the concierge features that will enhance engagement and deployment of their enhanced location-based data intelligence.

“The AppPro Team was formed in response to a growing need for hands-on partnerships with our clients as they prepare for events,” said Georgee Waldman, director of customer delight for BusyEvent Mobile. There is now a complex technical landscape in the industry where event professionals may need to rely on three to five, or more, interconnected applications to work together to execute their event. Being in a trusted advisory role, we found that our teams were helping clients coordinate these platforms with mobile and decided to formalize the approach to make it easier to access our team when needed. By creating an AppPro Team focused on customer assistance and support, we integrated their availability as a core component of our services organization. It’s exciting to build a team not only technically adept, but whom we can put in front of clients to help support them before the event, on site, and post event.”

The BusyEvent development and engineering team is also expanding. This technical team is one that is highly involved in the evolution of the product and has a deep understanding of how event attendees, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors interact with the BusyEvent platform. “Our developers regularly work with our clients as part of the team,” said Eyal Ben Avraham, architect and CTO of BusyEvent Mobile. “This allows the company to better understand real-world use cases and more quickly adapt to the changes and desires of the market. We’re fortunate to have a lot of great St. Louis talent and because of our involvement in the entrepreneurial tech community here, we have been very selective in whom to add to our team during this exciting growth period.”

For more information on the AppPro Team, or to try the BusyEvent Mobile platform for free, visit the company’s website at www.busyevent.com.

For timely event industry and mobile information, read the BusyEvent Blog, or follow BusyEvent on Twitter @busyevent.

About BusyEvent
BusyEvent is a St. Louis, Missouri-based company comprised of a team of event professionals with decades of experience as event producers, managers and operators. The team uses real-world practice creating SaaS applications to provide technology solutions that leverage opportunities, solve the challenges that event professionals face, and support events of all sizes. The mobile platform’s intelligent mobile solutions benefit attendees and drive revenue for stakeholders to provide a new ‘Big Data’ opportunity in a largely untracked industry that significantly increases ROI and business value for event participants. For more information, visit www.busyevent.com.

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