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Chris Brogan Leaves Facebook – Don’t You Dare
The Rondo Brothers – Meeting Planner Sunday Night Music Club
Give Your Conference or Event a Social Media Presence NOW
Mexico Meetings Network Interview
Flying 101 – What Meeting and Event Planners Can Learn From Kulula Airlines

Chris Brogan Leaves Facebook – Don’t You Dare

Did you hear the news? Has the shock wave traveled across the four corners of the globe?? What! You didn’t hear? Chris Brogan has abandoned Facebook for Google +!!

Chris has packed his bags and seemingly turned off the lights on Facebook for the last time and good for him, bravo, that is cool, that is hip, that is wicked and that is amazing!

Chris Brogan has left Facebook

From Chris Brogan's Public Stream

Don’t follow his lead.


  • The answer is simple; Chris Brogan is a marketing powerhouse, Chris Brogan is a powerful brand.

People will follow him wherever he goes, even when he makes a ballsy move and dumps Facebook for a platform that is not even out in the wild yet. Google + is still in that quasi-beta-cum-everyone stage.

When a guy like Brogan dumps Facebook, he is making a cool statement because he is one of the cool kids. Unless you are TED, your event or conference is probably not one of the cool kids.

When you dump Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare or whatever in favor of the next hot thing, you are simply shooting yourself in the foot because your fans and attendees may not be that rabid. They may not be willing to open a new account and spend hours learning how to use said platform just to interact with you.

They are however willing to do this for someone like Chris Brogan or Lady Gaga or TED or Ashton Kutcher. You…. Not so much.

Your conference or event needs to continue to utilize all of the social media platforms (some more than others) until they show signs that being on them is no longer viable or effective. Jumping off Facebook before it has even reached the top of the curve is stupid for you, brilliant for others.

For example, MySpace fell off a cliff, when a platform falls off a cliff and is in a burning heap at the bottom – that is when you abandon it.

Or look at it this way… as long as your attendees are on a platform, you should be on that platform because it was the attendee that clicked the like, subscribe, follow, or stalk button and you owe them something.

You owe your attendees the respect to communicate in the way they wish to be reached.

The Rondo Brothers – Meeting Planner Sunday Night Music Club

A little piece from the Rondo Brothers…. Enjoy!


Give Your Conference or Event a Social Media Presence NOW

Event Marketers and Planners Need Social Media Now

There are many writers that I like and a few that I love. One of the ones that I love is Erika Napolitano; she writes her blog at Red Head Writing and also has a column with Entrepreneur Magazine.

She is a brilliant, no nonsense kind gal and that is something that is in short supply… male or female.

It has been a long time since I had a profanity laced tirade over stupid people and she really got the engine steaming. She had a post yesterday; her “Bitch Slap” – (her words, not mine) on procrastination and after reading it, I thought to myself… holy CRAP! This is every conference or event that does not have a social media presence. They are guilty of everything she talks about.

She (not knowing it) was talking about every event marketer that is making excuses about social media and pissing off those that are closest to them (their peers, their attendees, their coworkers). The time is now to stop whining and get to work.

Stop with the excuses. Getting a social media strategy is not hard, it does not require a study, it is not something that you should look into, it is not something for the future, it is not something that should wait for next year, it is not something that is untested, it is not something that something that is a fad, it is not something that is going away.

All of these excuses are simply bullshit. They are bullshit that you need to come to grips with and get off your ass and get this thing done and get it done now.

By avoiding it, you look behind the times, behind the eight ball and kinda like an asshat. You are like the dipshit that bought their first fax machine in 2003.

Let me give you a little hint Einstein….If you are waiting for the internet fairy to come and save you, he is all booked up helping to keep the Wiki-leaks guy out of jail, the Google guys rolling in hundred dollar bills and working Facebook to keep Mark Zuckerberg on top.

Why is the Internet Fairy not helping you?

Because, The Internet Fairy helps those that act and act fast, the Internet Fairy does not help those that are waiting for the perfect moment or waiting for everything to be in place. He helps those that seize the moment and your sorry ass excuse does not fall under his jurisdiction.

The Internet Fairy likes those that shoot for the moon and get shit done. He ain’t coming to knock on your door unless you are trying hard and working the program people.

You need to realize that the only one you are hurting are your attendees and God help them, they are going to kick your ass if you don’t get in gear. What is kicking your ass? It is dropping your program from their “must attend” list, it is going the competition or it is simply not caring to hear from someone who only speaks to them once a year.

You heard it here first and if you want a another profanity laden dose of medicine to get you off your hump, get over to Erika’s post and have a read because she is not as gentle as I just was.

Oh, and by the way…………Have a good weekend.

This weekend, every event that has a social media program will be interacting with their fans and attendees even while the event planner is sitting on the beach sipping a freaking margarita.

What will your attendees be doing?

Image: Gemma E Taylor

Mexico Meetings Network Interview

Mexico Meetings Network just published an interview I did with them last week, here is an excerpt. The complete interview you can can find by clicking the link after the excerpt!

In the interview, I talk about our recent program in Mexico and the realities of taking an event to this amazing country.

Keith Johnston is a Chicago based event and meeting professional with 15 years in the meetings industry, planning meetings, conferences, incentives and tradeshows. Keith is currently the editor and publisher of Meetings Blog and which cover issues facing the meetings and events industry, as well as looking at destinations where meetings and event planners should be taking their programs.

Keith has organized several meetings and incentive trips to Mexico over the years, and he recently attended the Chicago Chapter of Site International’s annual retreat in Guadalajara, Jalisco. In this Mexico Meetings Network interview, Keith talks more about his experience planning meetings in Mexico.

Check out the rest of the interview at Mexico Meetings Network!

Flying 101 – What Meeting and Event Planners Can Learn From Kulula Airlines

Ever heard of Kulula Airlines?…… didn’t think so, and that is OK, they fly the friendly skies of South Africa.

Here is a snip about Kulula:, also known as Kulula Air (the name derived from the Zulu word for easily), is a South African low-fare airline, operating on major domestic routes out of OR Tambo International Airport, outside of Johannesburg. There are also a limited number of international flights to Namibia, Mauritius, Zambia and Zimbabwe.The headquarters of the company are located at Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.

Like Southwest in the United States, they are known for quality of service, on-time departures and a quirky sense of humor.

Kulula made an international splash last year when the debuted their fleet of newly painted 737s with the tagline of Flying 101. These images have been floating around the internet for the past year and when they hit my inbox again this morning I figured there was a lesson in here somewhere.

Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Kulula Airlines Flying 101 Meeting Planning

Meeting and Event Planning is Serious

More Images at end of post!

Now that you have stopped laughing, we can actually see what they can actually teach meeting and event professionals.

Kulula, like Southwest, takes their flying and their customers deadly seriously… everything else is taken with a grain of salt and that is the lesson.

Learn from companies that are successful but fun. Google, Kulula and Southwest. Even Allstate has jumped on this bandwagon lately with their “Mayhem” Commercials which are even making something like insurance fun.

Here is a simple formula for success:

  • Attendees needs, 100% serious
  • Program, 100% serious
  • Everything else, 0% serious

Do the math, if you follow this formula, you have 200% serious and that is success in anyone’s book.

When you empower your meeting or event staff to actually enjoy what they are doing, they will go above and beyond to ensure that attendees have an amazing experience.

Some more funnerer Kulula Airplane Images:

Kulula Airlines Flying 101
Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Kulula Airlines Flying 101

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