We are an amazing group of meeting and event professionals that are passionate about how technology affects the attendee experience and the life of the meeting and event planner.

Both corporations and associations need to understand that technology can:

  • Create an engaging experience for attendees
  • Allow you to execute a social media and content marketing plan that delivers results
  • Deliver quality content with hybrid events
  • Increases attendee engagement through the use of mobile apps
  • Deliver a flawless online experience from website to registration
  • Make your event the hub of industry news and information, 365 days per year
  • Provide a measurable ROI for sponsors and exhibitors
  • Help events become paperless
  • Allow planners to replace three ring binders with iPads and tablets

When using technology to its full potential, it is possible for any event to have all of this and more, even in this time of reduced budgets and shorter lead times. This is what we do.

Every client story is different, every client need is unique. We offer no cookie cutter solutions, only strategies that will help you succeed.

Work with us and you will have a deep understanding of available technologies and what will work for your event, your attendees, and for you.