Quick Hits – Polling Your Attendees on Your Website


I have had a post about polling in the hopper for a long time but opted not to post it because, frankly, the election has me so “anti” poll that I want to puke.

I do understand the need for polling however and will not rest on my laurels in bringing you great stuff!

The fine folks over there at ManageWP have a post today; “4 Awesome Plugins for Adding Polls to Your Blog Posts”. If you are running your conference website on the WordPress platform, I would definitely encourage you to check it out because polling your attendees is a great way to get the “mood of your nation”.

Anyway – Here is the link, go read.

Install Maintenance Mode Plugin – Video Tutorial

About a year ago, I wrote about Maintenance Mode, a plugin for self hosted WordPress sites, I always wanted to follow it up with a quick video tutorial to show event planners and marketers how simple this plugin is to use on your conference, meeting or event website.

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How to Install and Use Tweet Old Post

Tweet Old Post is one of my favorite plugins, always has been. There was a little glitch awhile back that caused me to uninstall it, but it is back in my good graces and I am ready to get it working for me and my client’s meeting and event websites.

What is Tweet Old Post

Tweet Old Post does exactly what its name suggests. For those working on the WordPress Platform, this amazing little plugin will send old posts out to your twitter followers.

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TopQuark has Created a Top Notch Conference Plugin

I was chatting with Liz King on Twitter not too long ago, we were discussing conference plugins and I told her that I was so frustrated that I was going to find someone to create one and then I was going to sell it…. she was like “Go for it!”…

I thought “HELL YEAH”.. and then a couple of days go by and I am forced to put my idea on the back burner because, well, clients come first….I guess this would have to wait.

Just then, like a bolt from the blue, I get an email, it might have been a sign. You could hear the choir singing, birds chirping and the clouds parted to show a brilliant sun………OK, not really like that, but it was like serendipity.

The email was simple and had the headline “Guest Post or Plugin Review”.. basically, it was some guy asking me to have a look at his plugin and review it or perhaps he could write a guest post if I liked what the plugin did….You gotta love the email headline because it says that this person thinks his shit is so good that you have to pay attention to him…..

I had to open that email, I just had to, I love shit like that.

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9 WordPress Event Plugins for Your Conference or Event Website

Now that you are thinking about moving your conference or event website, it is time to start thinking about how you are actually going to register your attendees.

Many of the online registration services have plugins that can be used with your WordPress site and those include EventBrite and RegOnline. These are great services that power some of the largest events on the planet but sometimes, you want to do everything in-house.

This list is for those people, those trailblazers that want to manage the entire process themselves and not spend a million dollars for a service that not all events need.

For those hearty souls, here is a look at some of the event registration plugins that are available, some are free, some are paid and all are linked.

I am not reviewing each plugin because to be honest, I have used some and others I have not so although I have opinions, I cannot be fair to all of them and that would not be cool.

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