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Meeting Planner Halloween

Happy Halloween. Tonight is the time for meeting planners and eventprofs everywhere to do some trick or treating, have some good scares, and make dentist appointments.

But look out… You are about to see a GHXST….

GHXST (pronounced GHOST) is a dark artrock trio from New York City formed in 2010 by Christopher James and Shelley X after disbanding their previous Gothic noise band. Drummer Nathan Gray left school in San Diego a few months later to join the new lineup, adding powerful live percussion to the band’s stylish and chaotic sound.

This band reminds me of groups that I used to jam in the late eighties, early nineties. Groups like Ministry, Shriekback, and My Life with Trill Kill Kult…. I think that most of my meeting planner friends will find this tune surprisingly excellent…. Anyway, it is really good for Halloween.

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  • Mike Rowan

    Geez…you need a seizure warning with that video! But the tune was excellent.

    • Keith Johnston

      It is a really awesome song.

  • Mike Rowan

    Should hoteliers call people that didn’t show up for their reservation on Haloween, ghuests?

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