A Sample Social Media Plan for Events

Event Planning Social Media

99% of events need a social marketing plan yet very few event planners know  where to start to create one. This infographic from Marketo that contains really useful social marketing tips for event planners of any marketing skill level from novice to Uber-Event-Content-Marketing-Geek.


The Ultimate Social Media Event Marketing Checklist




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  • Logesh Waran

    Really very clear and great Explanation, Should Acceptable and well needed one for Every Event Planners, No words to say, Great Post!

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  • Jacob Wadsworth

    Just the thing I need and I’m so happy that it is this detailed and easy to understand. I’ll definitely save this link for future references. Infographics are always better than content-only blogs. Makes readers more receptive. – http://www.elegantoccasions.com/

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