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OK- This post is not necessarily about the Google Glass project but it is a post on technology and your event because Google Glass exists.

You see, I was talking to a client / friend / person I have drinks with and he said “Have you seen the Google Glass Project, how cool is that going to be for events, we are going to grab some as soon as they come out”. To which I replied (remember, I know this person well) “That is the fucking dumbest thing I have ever heard, why would you waste $1500 a pair on an untested, untried technology that although wicked awesome will probably only have limited use for the meetings and events industry for years to come. Bob (name changed to protect the guilty), you guys don’t even have an app yet and we are just starting your social program and now you are going to add more to our plate”.

He just smiled that “I hear ya” smile.

This is a problem that I see everyday with my clients and around the industry. People have the attention span of a gnat and they jump from tech to tech without mastering any of it.

Go be social, build an awesome event or conference website, find a decent mobile app and engage your audience. Let everyone else jump on the latest and greatest.

And now… here is the Google Glass Video because it really is freaking cool.

Image: OriginalPozer

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  • So freaking cool…now I just want a pair for my own personal use. Looks great for sharing on social network with friends. But I don’t really seem Google Glass being a part of my events anytime in the near future. Honestly, I don’t even know what I would do with them!

  • What? You don’t want to provide Google with more info on your event and attendees? You don’t want to every second of the event streamed? You don’t want bathroom photos and other privacy invasions? Good.

  • This can be really handy for people who love to take videos and capture memories every second of their lives. I don’t really know how this would be helpful for conference or meetings, though. It may be a good combination to Conference Calls with Branding to make the conversation more personal and fun. Anyway, this is a beautiful technology and I can definitely see it being used in the future by many.

  • I can imagine hundreds of applications for google glass for meetings and events…and developers will be frothing at the mouth to figure out new ones. Regardless, the up and coming generation will be wearing these (or some itteration of them), because it is simply a much faster and practical way to get augmented information while being physically present.

    Why would you need a projector and speakers if you could just send the content PLUS additional information and links to people WHILE they are looking at a presenter?

    Planners are still trying to figure out how to engage with smartphones and tablets—what are they going to do when these come out and become ubiquitous in 4-6 years?

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