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4 Tips to Increase Conference Registration Conversion Rates
Canva – The Event Marketing Graphic Design Tool You Need
You Can Be An Event Hero
WiFi Karma for Meeting and Event Professionals
40 Simple Web Tools for Associations and Event Planners

4 Tips to Increase Conference Registration Conversion Rates

Conference and Event Registration Conversion

Nearly 90% of marketers today place an increased emphasis on conversion rate optimization (CRO) – and for good reason. In the meetings, travel and hospitality industry, CRO is the key to more registrations — and more importantly, more customer relationships made.

Some CRO tips are universal. But there are other strategies and tactics that can be customized to your specific industry audience.

To help maximize your marketing efforts, we’ve created a list of four ways to capture more conversions specifically tailored to professionals looking to increase registrations and bookings. The recommendations are based on findings from our 2015 Form Conversion Report, which was built on data gathered from more than 650,000 form users. Read More

Canva – The Event Marketing Graphic Design Tool You Need


Canva for Event Marketers

A picture tells a story, see the world in an image, you oughta be in pictures, a picture is worth a thousand words… Blah, blah, blah.

Old sayings, draped in cobwebs, hanging in the attic…. and yet, they are true and stand the test of time. The right image makes the written word come alive, an image can spur a fence-sitter into making a decision, and a well crafted image can increase the connection an association or event marketer has with their members and attendees.

Images matter.

Images are a must have for association and event marketing in the internet age because they capture attention and make people with three second attention spans pause long enough to look a little deeper at what you are trying to tell them. I would venture to say that images are one of the most mission critical things that you can add to your association’s or event’s web content. Read More

You Can Be An Event Hero

Event Planning EBook

I love it when great people do amazing things, especially when said things really make a difference in the meetings and events industry.

John-FJohn Federico is one of those cool people and not only has he created a work of art (in my humble opinion), his art has the ability to turn event registration and data use on its head. John will make you the master of your own house without having to go into indentured servitude, bankruptcy, or court to get it done. What I am saying is that he made “high function” affordable for the rest of us. Read More

WiFi Karma for Meeting and Event Professionals

Good Karma Name Tag Sticker Luck Fate Meet Person Introduction

Karma. Some say it makes the world go round. Someone does something bad in life, people say that Karma is gonna get em. Do something good that no one notices, Karma is gonna sort that out to your benefit some day… no need to rush things.

WiFi has Karma too, but not the kind of Karma that you are thinking of. I am thinking of this kinda Karma. Read More

40 Simple Web Tools for Associations and Event Planners

Association Tech Tools

A really awesome reader, who works for an association whose members do life saving work (really, they are that cool), sent me an email and asked a simple question. Rather than paraphrase and get it wrong, I figured that I would re-post the email for all to see.

I have redacted some of the identifying parts of the email, because, in all honesty, I have I always wanted to redact something because it seems way more cool and important than just removing the text… It makes it seem like super secret stuff, like the CIA or NSA.. So, you will see her association and her name as REDACTED because it is just so 21st century and we all know that I am just a totally hip dude. Read More

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