Gmail Shortcuts to Make Meeting Planners More Efficient

Gmail for Meeting Planners

I love Gmail. If you did not know, Gmail is a little email client from a small California company called Google. You may have heard of them….. they do some techie type stuff with that internet thing that is going around….perhaps the interwebs will catch on with meeting planners…but until then, let me tell you a little more about this Gmail thingy.

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More to Life than PowerPoint

Meeting Planner PowerPoint

I was reading an article about presentation tools on Mashable and it got me to thinking….Hey… I heard you sigh.. I do think sometimes… really….anyway… lost my train of thought…

Meeting and event planners need to do a whole “presentation rethink” because there is more to life (and conferences) than PowerPoint….. Some presenters want to use Haiku Deck, some Keynote, others Google, and some just want to show a website or even a PDF. What I am saying is, for many folks, PowerPoint does not fit who they are, and if your presenters cannot be who they are, their presentations are not going to be what your attendees want. [Read more...]

Why Third Party Meeting Planners and Event Vendors Should Use BidSketch

Event Industry Proposal

Throwing this one out there for my brothers in arms, my colleagues, my friends.. you know who you are. We are the third party meeting planners, the AV Vendors, the DMCs and destinations. All of the companies and people that serve the meeting and event industry in all of our shapes and forms. The Speakers, the sponsors, and everyone in between.

This post is for anyone that has to create the document that goes by many names. Some call it a bid, some refer to it as a quote, and others call it a proposal. Many different names, one important outcome. This document is the lifeblood of your company.  [Read more...]

Meeting Planner Quick Tip – Use Google Street View

Site Inspection Tips

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know and Google is always there to help a meeting planner out. Yes, you can hear the dripping, gooey sarcasm in that statement but for the most part, it is true. Google powers the world of information and there is typically no better source when it comes to finding stuff… especially info about destinations worldwide. This is why Google is the first tool we use before embarking on a site visit to any venue, city, or region that we have never been to. [Read more...]

One Page Website Design for Events and Conferences

Conference Website Design

Here is something that I bet you never thought you would hear me say….

  • Not all events need an app
  • Not all events need a content marketing program
  • Not all events need an amazingly huge web presence

Some just don’t and there are ton of reasons why. Maybe it is a once a year fundraiser, it might be an association holiday shindig, or maybe it is an all day event that only has one speaker….

The reasons don’t matter if your event is in this category, it just is. [Read more...]