A Sample Social Media Plan for Events

Event Planning Social Media

99% of events need a social marketing plan yet very few event planners know  where to start to create one. This infographic from Marketo that contains really useful social marketing tips for event planners of any marketing skill level from novice to Uber-Event-Content-Marketing-Geek. [Read more...]

The Ultimate Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet for Event Marketers

Event Marketing Social Media

This graphic R-O-C-K-S. This is by far one of the most useful things that I have ever found for event planners and marketers (and me).

Using this graphic as a guide, you now have the proper sizing for almost every social network that matters and for every situation that might pop up including cover photos,  backgrounds, and even the little thumbnails that appear next to links… this stuff matters because when you take the time to look your social best, you will find that you get more likes, more clicks, and more interaction with the people and attendees that follow you. [Read more...]

Social Media Explained with Coffee

Conference Social Media

This infographic cracked me up.. but it really does explain the social media landscape really well, especially if you like coffee! I do think that Google+ has come a long way since this was created…. [Read more...]

A Cool Way to Track Your Event Hashtag

Event Marketing Hashtag

Event Marketers are smart to use hashtags for their events but monitoring them can be a royal pain in the ass unless you use the right tool for the job. While there are a few good ones, I have recently started to use Tagboard to check in on some client events and it is a really great way to stay on top of the action and know what is going on with your social audience. [Read more...]

Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics 2013


Social media and event marketing should go together like Bonnie and Clyde, in it for the long haul, and all the way to the end. You and I know that the reality is a little different, sometimes they act more like Peg and Al Bundy…..This is especially true at the beginning of the relationship when the event marketer is trying to get buy-in to start using social media as a marketing channel.  [Read more...]