Not Using WordPress for Your Event Website?

WordPress for Events

WordPress as a CMS (content management system) for meeting, conference, and event websites has seen explosive growth this year. I wonder how many are not using WordPress and why?

The reason can’t be the cost because the platform is free, most themes can be had for less than $75.00, and hiring someone to put it together to look shiny is somewhere between $500 and $5000 depending on how complex a solution you need……add in some other small costs for plugins and you can have a pretty amazing site on the cheap that will grow with you every step of the way……Hell, you can even do it yourself and skip the developer if you have a few hours. [Read more...]

One Page Website Design for Events and Conferences

Conference Website Design

Here is something that I bet you never thought you would hear me say….

  • Not all events need an app
  • Not all events need a content marketing program
  • Not all events need an amazingly huge web presence

Some just don’t and there are ton of reasons why. Maybe it is a once a year fundraiser, it might be an association holiday shindig, or maybe it is an all day event that only has one speaker….

The reasons don’t matter if your event is in this category, it just is. [Read more...]

Security and the Event Website – Could This be You?

Hacking the Event Website

In security news last week, it was reported that Twitter (and other sites like ABC news) were the victims of hackers. Twitter announced that 250 thousand of its users accounts may have been compromised and the hacks are thought to have originated in China (Wow, Surprise, Feigns Dramatic, Over the Top, and Shocked Look).

What does China’s attack on Twitter Mean to You?

Nothing really, unless you are one of the ones that was hacked. There is nothing that you can do about it. Twitter has reset the passwords of the affected users, sent “oh shit” emails, and the world has gone back to burying its head in the sand until the next security breach happens. [Read more...]

The Most Awesome Social Media Image Sizing Chart

This infographic needs no explanation, no kind words, no hype. It is simply perfect and something that every conference and event marketer can use because I do not care how many Facebook cover photos you have created or how many Twitter backgrounds, we all forget the proper size 10 minutes after we have posted the image. Just-a-fact.

An big hat tip to  Heather Taylor of eConsultancy for sharing this (she is right, this is too good not to share) and a huge thanks to LunaMetrics for creating this soon-to-be legendary internet marketing masterpiece.  [Read more...]

Quick Hits – Tags on Your Event or Conference Website

You have seen tags on websites. They are usually at the top or bottom of a page or a post and look like a jumble of words related to what you are reading.

If I were writing a post about Facebook, the tags you might see are “Facebook”, “Social Media”, “Social Marketing”, etc. Many people get them confused with categories and that is a reasonable mistake to make as they can seem very similar.

Early this morning, as I was enjoying my first day back at work after a long holiday weekend cup of coffee, I can across a post by JD Rucker. This post nails the differences and goes into detail about how to properly use tags on your website to make the most of them.

What makes the post even better than just a simple explanation is the fact that he goes into detail on how to properly use tags on a variety of website platforms including WordPress, Ning, and Tumblr which is good because we all know that not all conference and event websites are clones of each other.

Anyway, go check it out on Soshable.

Image: Jessica Wilson