An Event App Chat with BigEventApp


In today’s episode of the PlannerWire Sporadic Podcast, PlannerWire (Keith) is chatting with (Mike and Carl).

Mike and Carl will tell you that their mission is to create buzz-worthy apps, that are clear, highly intuitive and include schedules, speakers, restaurant guides, social integration, and more and I do think that they succeed with a great product…I would also throw in that they are nice guys who know their stuff.

During our conversation, we touch on everything from their product and the current state of event apps to the future and what it holds for conferences going mobile.

Gmail Shortcuts to Make Meeting Planners More Efficient

Gmail for Meeting Planners

I love Gmail. If you did not know, Gmail is a little email client from a small California company called Google. You may have heard of them….. they do some techie type stuff with that internet thing that is going around….perhaps the interwebs will catch on with meeting planners…but until then, let me tell you a little more about this Gmail thingy.

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Are Meeting Planners Qrious – They Should Be


In this episode of the PlannerWire Meeting Planning Podcast I have a chat with John Federico, CEO of Qrious, our favorite new app / SAAS for doing three things:

  • Getting attendee’s badges done right
  • Helping exhibitors with easy lead retrieval
  • Attendee session and event check-in

During our conversation, we talk about what Qrious is and does, how it came to be, and how easy it is to use and oh yeah, did I mention? Qrious works with all of the major online registration companies including RegOnline, EventBrite, Amiando, and EventEspresso…..

Grab a coffee or maybe a scotch and have a listen… who knew you could have a good time talking badges and leads.




Not Your Grandma’s Cruise Ship: Technology and Connectivity at Sea

Conference Planning Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Conferences….. Who would have thought we would see this post but here we are… and go figure, I have a client setting sail early in 2014 for a conference at sea with about 250 attendees and I am hearing that more and more of my colleagues are looking at cruise ships for events ranging from conferences to incentives.

One of the biggest concerns with cruise ship events has been the technology. From WiFi to signage and everything in between this guest post by Maureen McKeon helps you navigate what can be strange waters for many meeting and event planners. [Read more...]

More to Life than PowerPoint

Meeting Planner PowerPoint

I was reading an article about presentation tools on Mashable and it got me to thinking….Hey… I heard you sigh.. I do think sometimes… really….anyway… lost my train of thought…

Meeting and event planners need to do a whole “presentation rethink” because there is more to life (and conferences) than PowerPoint….. Some presenters want to use Haiku Deck, some Keynote, others Google, and some just want to show a website or even a PDF. What I am saying is, for many folks, PowerPoint does not fit who they are, and if your presenters cannot be who they are, their presentations are not going to be what your attendees want. [Read more...]