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Are You Sure Your Email Marketing Message is Being Heard
The Fear of the Event App Data Breach
WordPress 4.0 Drops – Event Websites Rejoice
10 Surprising Things Event Marketers Should Know About Social Media
40 Simple Web Tools for Associations and Event Planners

Are You Sure Your Email Marketing Message is Being Heard

Association Email Marketing

Test and then retest. Check and then double check.

This is the mantra that I make all of my association clients live by…. You have too. It is mission critical.

Even the most amazing marketing message or important communication will end up in the trash if the message cannot be heard. Don’t believe me? I received this email just this morning and someone did not double check that the image would display properly and they did not test to see if they had a non-HTML version that would show if the image failed to load.

I can’t even tell who it is from…..I did highlight the two things that I could see though….The title and the unsubscribe link.

Marketing Email Fail_edited-1

We all make mistakes. We all blow it on occasion. This however, is a major fail that could have been avoided by two simple checks. Instead, some marketer is scratching their head wondering why no one is responding to their amazing communication and from the sounds of the title, I really wanted to listen.

Food for thought.


The Fear of the Event App Data Breach

Image: DepositPhotos

Image: DepositPhotos

Data breaches are real. Data breaches can happen to your event. Data breaches should be on your mind. Data breaches are a serious threat to event apps. The security of your event or conference app is mission critical.


Common sense is also mission critical to the success of your event and fear is the killer of common sense which is why I am not a real big fan of scare tactics in the event world.

Fear marketing (or scare marketing) is designed to play to the most primal part of our brain. Those little slivers in our neural pathways that tell us to run away from really bad things that want to kill us and eat us. Things like lions, tigers, bears, and zombies. It is also that part of the brain that can be manipulated to steer us toward a product or service so that we feel “safe” when we choose whatever they happen to be selling, shilling, or scalping.

We see this popular selling device employed by noble entities with “positive scare campaigns” against child abuse or texting while driving. We also see this tactic used by the not so noble snake oil salesmen like politicians that want us to “vote for them” or “frightening children will invade the border to give us Ebola and steal our jobs while we sleep”. Read More

WordPress 4.0 Drops – Event Websites Rejoice

WordPress for Event Websites

WordPress 4.0 has dropped… watch the short video to get a glimpse of the awesomeness that awaits your event website….


10 Surprising Things Event Marketers Should Know About Social Media

Content Marketing for Event Marketers

I love those interwebs… always serving us up cool new facts and figures in handy 10 packs. All of the information that we could ever need or want in small bite sized chunks that are perfect for the over-worked, over-stressed event marketer brain.

We all know that every social media outpost has its quirks but what are they? Some of the answers are here in this handy dandy infographic from the cool cats over at Mainstreethost and they are downright surprising… hence the name of this post and the name of the infographic… go figure. What do you do with surprising knowledge? Event marketers should use it gain a content marketing advantage because if it is surprising, that means that the other guy probably doesn’t know about it and if they don’t know it, they can’t put it to use for themselves. Boom. Advantage to you.

I recommend that we all take a minute to follow Mainstreethost over on that Twitter-thingie because in addition to this piece of marketing gold, they also touch on other topics that meeting, event, and conference marketers might find useful including “How to use trade shows for content marketing“…

Read More

40 Simple Web Tools for Associations and Event Planners

Association Tech Tools

A really awesome reader, who works for an association whose members do life saving work (really, they are that cool), sent me an email and asked a simple question. Rather than paraphrase and get it wrong, I figured that I would re-post the email for all to see.

I have redacted some of the identifying parts of the email, because, in all honesty, I have I always wanted to redact something because it seems way more cool and important than just removing the text… It makes it seem like super secret stuff, like the CIA or NSA.. So, you will see her association and her name as REDACTED because it is just so 21st century and we all know that I am just a totally hip dude. Read More

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