An Event App Chat with BigEventApp


In today’s episode of the PlannerWire Sporadic Podcast, PlannerWire (Keith) is chatting with (Mike and Carl).

Mike and Carl will tell you that their mission is to create buzz-worthy apps, that are clear, highly intuitive and include schedules, speakers, restaurant guides, social integration, and more and I do think that they succeed with a great product…I would also throw in that they are nice guys who know their stuff.

During our conversation, we touch on everything from their product and the current state of event apps to the future and what it holds for conferences going mobile.

Are Meeting Planners Qrious – They Should Be


In this episode of the PlannerWire Meeting Planning Podcast I have a chat with John Federico, CEO of Qrious, our favorite new app / SAAS for doing three things:

  • Getting attendee’s badges done right
  • Helping exhibitors with easy lead retrieval
  • Attendee session and event check-in

During our conversation, we talk about what Qrious is and does, how it came to be, and how easy it is to use and oh yeah, did I mention? Qrious works with all of the major online registration companies including RegOnline, EventBrite, Amiando, and EventEspresso…..

Grab a coffee or maybe a scotch and have a listen… who knew you could have a good time talking badges and leads.




Apps for Meeting Planners – Lounge Buddy


OK, I am not here to say that meeting planners and event professionals are extra special people, that we are a special breed….. Oh who the heck am I kidding, we are amazing people.  [Read more...]

35 Travel Apps for Meeting Planners and Event Pros

Apps for Meeting Planner Travel

Meeting planners and event professionals travel a lot… I know, I was at the airport TWICE yesterday dropping colleagues off. One thing that has made travel a little more tolerable for us event folk are our mobile devices and the apps that go with them.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to round up a few of the apps that I use and realized that just because an app is good for me, it might not be good for you…. so I asked some colleagues, friends, and other assorted crazy people to share their favorites as well.

I ended up with like 100 apps and have narrowed it down to these 35. Some are free, some are paid, and because I am device agnostic and use both iOS and Android, I have listed the link to each app store where applicable and have thrown in an image or two here and there to spice it up.

Have fun, if anything, this list is a good time killer!

[Read more...]

MailChimp for iPad Making Event Marketing Fun Again


I know the scene. I have been standing there myself. Last day of the event, you really want to get that conference follow up done and out to all of your attendees but you just can’t get back to the show office to throw open your computer and get that last paragraph written about the conference close.

Damn, and now it looks like you won’t get back there for a couple of more hours and by the time you get that stupid thing out, the moment will be gone. The attendees will be packing or gone and you will loose that good ju-ju that the closing speaker was spreading across the room…..

If only it could be done from your iPad. Damn thing. Replaced my event binder, does my dishes, makes me coffee, and let’s me chat with my kid from the room at night… if only its magic powers would let me finish that email piece and get it sent.

What? It can?  [Read more...]